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Meet Lioara

Hi. Lioara with you. I created this site to share my knowledge and life experiences and start doing one thing I love: writing.

Hope you will find my posts inspiring and helpful.

So follow me in a self discovery journey.

Latest from the blog…

How to avoid thinking about work in our free time

How many times did you read or hear that the best ideas come when you are outside your working environment relaxed or even asleep? While this happens indeed sometimes, keeping pending things in our mind all the time can be a factor of stress. And this can impact your...

4 steps to better manage your emotions

Managing your emotions is such a sensitive subject. We all been through conflictual situations in the workplace and it was never pleasant. I rearely saw an employee or manager handling the conflict in a positive way, without overreacting. Most of us overreact when our...

5 necessary steps to master a new skill

Mastering a new skill is a challenge we all face at work but also in our personal life. It helps us move ahead in our careers and in our lives. "It’s not enough to be smart — you need to always be getting smarter,” says Heidi Grant Halvorson, a motivational...

3 ways to avoid setting unachievable goals

How many times did you end up a year and discover that we did not achieve some or all of our goals? Did you ever wonder why?  There are several reasons behind not reaching a goal: Not knowing how to pursue them;Setting vague goalsUnexpected eventsToo...

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